Web Development

Extending your website to appeal to your customers better or to streamline internal business processes.

DesignHause website performs many tasks, it is essentially an online brochure for your business trying to sell your goods or services however this is just the icing ...

Think of it as a business tool

Most DesignHause websites perform many business tasks to help improve internal communications. Some of our clients run their whole businesses through their website.

    * Shout Online - Read the casestudy
    * Evla - Read how we have saved them hours and hours, weeky!

It makes complete sense, your DesignHause website is recording sales, customers, orders so why have a separate system to replicate this data. One central hub talking as one system producing the bespoke reports you need, when you need them.

Imagine seeing a potencial client over coffee and being able to email a quote through right there and then. No miscommunication or misunderstandings as often happen between the drive to the office and setting out the quote. Instant access to all schedules equals instant project information - keeping you ahead of your competitors.

what we offer

Online quoting
Online Invoicing
Online scheduling
Online Tasking
                   connect anywhere anytime
Access your office anywhere!

All you need is a pc, laptop, palm pilot with internet access!

Fully secure!


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