Search Engine Marketing

What does it all mean?

Although everyone wants to rank highly in Google or the other search engines, often Search Engine Optimisation of your website content is not enough.

DesignHause will advise you on what we consider to be the most effective methods of search engine marketing which is best for your business and target market.

Google Adwords - Pay per Click:

This will need to be extensively researched at the time of the campaign as ‘keyword’ targeting can fluctuate week by week, however here is a rough summary:

Budget here can be as much as you want but can be set so you only spend a maximum of Rxx per day/month. Once that daily amount has been spent your advert no longer appears until the following day. The beauty of this is you will know that every advert is targeted and the only people ‘clicking’ are almost certainly interested in your product, package or service. The more you are prepared to ‘pay’ for each ‘click through’ the higher your ranking will be.
This is where DesignHause’s SEO Keyword optimisation experience plays an enormous part in gaining value for money when embarking on such campaigns as the choice of keyword or key phrase can be critical.

Google Adsense

Adsense works in a similar way to PPC except a small advert is designed containing keywords which both appear within Google searches and also on every site that utilises the earning potential of Adsense for themselves on their own websites (Ads sponsored by Google on peoples homepages for example). You set the amount the same as for PPC. The downside of this is that there is no control over where the advert will appear as it is dependent on keywords within the advert and the person’s homepage. This in theory means that the advert could appear on an unsavoury site which happens to mention the relevant keyword.


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