WebSuite, I've heard about it, but what is it?

WebSuite is a highly sophisticated Content Management System which has been developed over many years by us to now encompass a total 'Online Management' system which both manages your website and integrates with your business.

Imagine being able to build the perfect business solution through software that you tailored to create a web-based business system that was perfect for you, your staff, your clients and your business?

Building a bespoke software system can cost the earth, but building your own software suites into a modular system that is unique and perfect for your business is incredibly affordable, and the benefits of correct automation in your business will go straight to your pocket.

The WebSuite system meets all your business needs, from beautiful content-managed websites, through to direct marketing communications, accounting packages and project management systems. Just put your WebSuite suites together and enjoy the benefits of an affordable, responsive and flexible system that is just perfect for you – it’s tetris for businesses!

One of the wonderfully unique aspects of the Internet is its easy global reach. With an online business you can function 24 hours a day, be available to a global audience and increase profit margins by selling direct.

What comes in the box

  • Edit/Create/Delete Web Pages on your own website
  • Manage all your online enquiries
  • Full Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Full Multi-Faceted Order Management for E-commerce
  • Advanced e-newsletter management
  • Library & Document Management
  • Full User Account Control


Edit what you see: work directly on your website so you can see how the site will look as you edit by simple logging in via your Internet browser
  • Share the Work: Everyone can contribute
  • Requirements: A computer with an internet connection
  • Full Personal Support: Speak to us directly
  • Keep ahead of your competitors!


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