Integrated Marketing

Working with an Integrated Marketing Strategy Approach

We have a lot of experience working with other agencies and helping to build an Integrated Strategy. We believe that your marketing approach should be consistent throughout all media sectors e.g. print, broadcast and web.

Having a uniformed look & feel creates better brand awareness, a more powerful message and a more memorable and effective campaign. MacDonalds is a good example, they live breath and eat their product, via the red and yellow colours, jingles and characters.


We have translators into all the mayor local languages as well as French, German and Italian. Convey your message to new target markets and reach your local and international market better. Let us help assist you in getting your message accross. Samples: "Boland surfer babe grabs local title"  to " Boland Bokkie wen tuis titel"

Market Penetration

We have helped many of our larger clients to create better brand penetration throughout their market place by using this approach.

How we do this

By working with your offline agency, we can interpret your brand and translate this for the web to create powerful uniformed messages. Using our expertise in our field, you get the best out of both worlds.

We have worked with many agencies both local and offshore.



Local is lekker for Triumph Printing

DesignHause is currently busy developing Triumph Printing's new website.

By focussing not just on the English speaking market but branching out into Zulu Triumph is able to refine and expand their online presence.

Contact us to find out how you can take your strategy local.

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