Email Marketing

Marketing via email ..... how?

This is by far one of the most cost effective methods of utilizing the internet to market a business.

The key is in being able to capture the email address of either existing clients or visitors to the website. This technique is free apart from the time involved in formulating the email or newsletter etc.

Emails can easily be sent out directly, personalized to individuals and at no ongoing costs. DesignHause already features an advanced newsletter management system for handling email campaigns. Individuals may then forward onto friends/colleagues etc maximising exposure.
The key ingredient is discovering new and unique ways in which a visitor to your site can be persuaded to enter their email details.

Common examples are:

  • Competitions
  • Online lotteries
  • Downloading of information useful to them
  • Subscription to newsletters containing ‘unique’ information
  • Discounted benefits by being a “member”
  • Press Releases which themselves have been keyword optimised

Viral Marketing techniques in the form of obscure attachments to emails (which peaked in 2004) are slowly on the decline due to the increased vigilance of major networks having to adhere to stricter security guidelines. This is mainly due to more sophisticated virus programmers utilizing viral technology to damage computer systems. Fortunately, a sophisticated and well targeted email campaign can be as successful as a viral whilst being safer and less malevolent. As an additional benefit all our emails contain send to friend, detailed delivery reports and rapid delivery systems.

DesignHause fully comply with the email marketing guidelines issued by The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and users can opt to unsubscribe at any given time.

Clients that use our Email Marketing:

SA Web Design
Mamba Productions
Custom Capital


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