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Start selling over the internet, why not!

You've got that niche product, you can undercut the competition and you want to open up yourself to the world.

We can help with your e-commerce requirements.

We can help sell your items in exactly the manner you want. We use reputable ASP and PHP packages so we can customise your system to fit your exact internet requirement.

Designed for your products

DesignHause has an Order Management system that is flexible enough for any requirement:

  • Buy in $ sell in Rands - includes automatic converter based on dynamic rate link
  • Supports 3 payment types - Credit Card, EFT or Bank Transfer
  • Automated printing of receipts and mailing labels
  • Integrated stock control
  • Manage all aspects of the order process
  • Works with any type of product/event/gift voucher/tax exempt products

Need it to do something unique, no problem, give us a ring and let us discuss your ideas

-Commerce with DesignHause

What can DesignHause offer?
DesignHause is able to E-Commerce enable your site and allow your visitors to pay for services or products online in real-time.

Who does DesignHause use as their E-Commerce provider?
webonline uses the IVERI payment system which is Nedbank's Internet Payment Gateway. WorldPay is a good alternative should you require multi-currency transactions.

I don't have a Nedbank account. What now?
That's not a problem! You only require a merchant account at Nedbank. Your money is then instantly transferred to any bank account in South Africa.

What do I have to do and how long does it take to set-up?
All it takes is the completion of a form and a wait of about a week for the bank to set-up the account. You do not need to be a "mega-business" with a million Rand's plus worth of turnover to qualify for the service! The only restriction is that Nedbank will not issue a merchant number to a company or sole trader that has a judgment against their name. You are even able to apply for a merchant number on your own name without having a registered business. You will need to complete the IVERI application form at http://www.nedlink.co.za

So, what are the cost implications?
The e-commerce package Licence (the payment gateway) from DesignHause costs a mere R90.00 per month. IVERI then charges you R300.00 per month for the banking section of the transaction. Please note that Nedbank takes 5% of all transactions which is the standard speed-point fee. You will be able to negotiate a better fee if you are already a merchant with a large turnover. There are no other hidden costs. The typical costs are therefore made up of the following: Your hosting contract with DesignHause, Your payment gateway with DesignHause (R90.00 pm), Your service from IVERI (R300.00 pm) 5% levy on all transactions. (Standard speed point fee) (IVERI does levy a set-up fee which varies form time to time)

I want a SSL certificate on my site, what costs apply?
If you need a SSL certificate on your website, you will need to get a SSL certificate. We will be able to provide you with a SSL certificate at a price of $125.00 per year. This certificate will be issued by Comodo. You will also need a dedicated IP address. The dedicated IP address will cost you R100.00/month. To host the SSL certificate will cost you R175.00 per month.
We provide everything - your content management site and design, we can even customize the E-commerce section to fully portray your brand. Once you are set-up, you'll be able to handle basic credit card transactions on your site with a shopping basket.

You receive the following for R90.00 pm:

   1. Use of DesignHause secure certificate.
   2. Use of DesignHause payment gateway including a 4% on each transaction charge.
   3. Set-up of your basic processing.

I want to E-Commerce enable my site, so how do I get started?

   1. Go to http://www.nedlink.co.za and complete the IVERI Lite application form.
   2. Wait for Nedbank/ IVERI to contact you. They will provide you with a merchant number if your application is successful.
   3. Email the information you receive to support@designhause.com and ask them to set-up the default payment gateway. (This may take about 2 days once we have received your details.
   4. DesignHause will then add the additional R90.00 per month to your debit order.

I would rather use another E-Commerce provider!
You are more than welcome to make use of any provider you prefer. There are so many options available that DesignHause had to offer one "Turn-Key" solution and we happened to have selected IVERI as they were about the first company to go live with online credit card processing in South Africa and we haven't had any complaints to-date.

Who else provides payment gateways in South Africa?
We are currently aware of the following providers:
iVeri - http://www.iveri.co.za/
PayGate - http://www.paygate.co.za/
SetCom - http://www.setcom.co.za/
Virtual Card Services (VCS) - http://www.vcs.co.za/

Still not 100% of what's involved?
Please contact sales@designhause.com should you have any further questions.

"1.8 million South Africans online by end of 1999."
- Third South African Internet Services Industry Survey '99.

"43% of South African online users have made a purchase online."
- 1998 South African User Survey.

Some of our E-commerce clients:

Bushido Apparal
EVLA Computing

Don't have a merchant account ?

No problem we will let you use ours!

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