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How can a website assist my business?

Smart businesses recognize that it's not necessary to expand to increase profit. It's a matter of getting the most out of what you've got. We call this streamlining your business, because it's about how you design and structure your approach to business rather than about expanding or extending your reach.

Streamlining is about making sure you get the most from the business you've got. It's about eliminating costs and finding unrecognised savings; it's also about finding smarter ways to do repetitive tasks and techniques to get more out of the money you already spend.

How do we achieve this?

DesignHause specialise in designing and developing websites which become an integral part of your business. We identify processes that you currently undertake or employ someone to perform and find ways in which your website can replicate those processes, often freeing up time for you or your staff to spend on other more important tasks.

Even simple tasks such as instantly responding to website enquiries 24 hours a day, personalised and branded which immediately helps forge a link between your business and a potential client or sale.

We have several clients who run their entire business through their website. Tracking sales and customer activity, producing sales reports, handling stock control, postal rates, printing receipts and delivery details to speed up fulfilment. Quoting online and invoicing online, all at the press of a button.

Your website can be tailored to your business needs as we discover ways in which our DesignHause system can assist in automating processes for you.

Ways of streamlining your business:

Autoresponders to inquiries
Yellowpages of all your clients
Information centrilization
Email Marketing centrilization
Branding Libraries


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